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Year 2

2010-2011 project year

An Analytical Framework for Conflict and Conflict Resolution: Structures, Actors, and Issues at the Local, State, Regional and Global Level

During the second year of the project, we focus our work on analytical frameworks for conflict and conflict resolution and applying them to specific empirical cases of conflict. Drawing on work in Year 1, we initially work towards integrating and synthesising theoretical approaches participants are by now familiar with and help them to develop a more comprehensive approach to conflict analysis offering a dual focus on structures, actors, and issues, on the one hand, and on their impact and dynamic interaction at the local, state, regional and global levels of analysis, on the other. Integrating this with practical skills for conflict analysis subsequently enables participants to apply such analytical frameworks to empirical cases of conflict and conflict resolution. Empirically, we focus on some of the key international security challenges of today: state failure (summer session), terrorism (winter session), great powers and their contribution to conflict and conflict resolution (autumn contact session), and organised crime (spring contact session). This provides participants with an opportunity to engage with up-to-date and current, relevant issues. These ‘substantive’ teaching and learning activities are complemented by contact and online modules on teaching skills and collaborative research projects carried out by the participants and faculty.