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Year 1

2009-2010 project year

Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution

During the first year of the project, we focus our work on theories of conflict and conflict resolution and the relationship between them. Starting with a basic introduction to the concept of conflict and how it is used in different social science disciplines, including sociology, political science and international relations, we put these broader conceptions into the specific context of the theme of this ReSET project and discuss initially different theories of conflict as outlined in the detailed program for the year, including enriching and illustrating theoretical points with empirical data. The autumn and spring contact sessions focus in turn on theories of conflict resolution, discussing two main approaches in each session, pointing out links between them, and between theories of conflict and conflict resolution more generally to help participants understand the significance of initial assumptions that academics make and how they impact on their theoretical explanations and practical recommendations. This are be complemented by a specific session on teaching conflict studies that will enable participants to develop skills to translate knowledge and understanding into impactful teaching.



Dr Alla Zakharchenko